BMG – Weed Killing Part 2

Hello again Batfans

Previously, we had looked into general ways to take down Borj, with the help of Kris Burton. If you missed it, you can find it here

In this second part, we thought we would look at a couple crews and how they specifically can help mitigate and take on the beast. I will be looking at my beloved Riddler crew, while Kris will be back to look at the Scarecrow crew, and we will also get the services of Liam Callebout, who will give us advice for Batman and the forces of Law.

First off, I’ll hand you back to Kris Burton:

“Scarecrow: The scarecrow crew has some great counters to Borj. Scarecrow himself is able to discourage and fear toxin to strip counters off Borj from outside the action zone of the plant. Sniper Arkham Knight with undercover is normally safe from the alpha strike but with no rerolls to hit may struggle to put damage down on Borj with his sniper rifle, however both Arkham Knight and Militia commander have smoke grenades which are amazing for completely shutting down Borj if you can get them off before the plants activation. Deathstroke with his high defence and combo with his handy Bo staff is a brilliant way to deal with Borj. 7 attacks rerolling to hit doing 2 damage a time is the way I normally deal with the monster. Add to this the fact that Deathstroke is an acrobat and thus ignores the impaired movement penalty he can get up in Borj’s tentacles very quickly and put some serious hurt on the plant. His high defence and willpower will normally protect him from retaliation. Militia Brute as a large model can remove the plant with one successful charge hit, with reach he can make push attacks from further away which helps mitigate his low movement. With +1 to block rolls from cybernetic and 6 endurance should be able to tank a few hits, his willpower of 5 does leave him as a prime target for hypnotise but remember large roots will slow him from being moved to far away from Borj because of his low movement skill so just make sure to keep your other models back. The carbine is a great weapon against Borj as it can put out a lot of shots to try and sneak some single damage onto the plant with its high defence. So all in all the Scarecrow crew has some great tools to deal with Borj, just be careful of trying to minimise the alpha strike turn as endurance 4 on most of the henchmen does leave them prone to poison taking them down if they suffer even 1 hit.”

Thanks Kris for that, and now we move onto Liam. Forewarning, we all know Liam can ramble, and today is no different!:

“Hello all, so as a part of this larger series about how to deal with a model that’s caused quite a stir in the community I’ve taken up the pen and am here to offer advice for Law and Batman players in how to combat this beast of a model. As discussed in part 1 by Kris, Borj is going to be assumed to have all the upgrades, so alongside his 15cm action area, the difficult terrain within 10cm of him, two control pheromones per turn and a titan dose that any savvy player will drop on turn 1. Obviously as seed markers are deployed after everything else your deployment will make a big difference, do not bunch up! But Kris has covered most of those basic tactics in his article, so onto the specifics.

Law Forces

Borj is a bit of a nightmare for this crew in general, law is all about distance and firepower, Borj gets in your face turn one and as on average law models have low to average willpower they will be failing those rolls to get mind controlled by Borj and then promptly shooting up your own henchmen, this can however, be mitigated. By deploying shooters in pairs you ensure that if one is mind controlled they will automatically be within 5cm of a model and thus need to move away to only fire at RoF1, not great but better. Turn 1 there is almost no point in trying to take him down, your guns hit him on 6s and you have almost no handy weapons. Deploying in elevated positions with your shooters will allow your guns to shoot down at borj and not be in range of his attacks, models such as alpha with the new upgrade precise aiming for plus 2 to hit shooting down from a rooftop will hit borj on 3s. Remember also that if a plant is made KO they automatically die so even just hitting with your ranged weapons doing just a scratch contributes to taking him down. Batwoman’s medium range remote control baterangs are another excellent source of damage against borj from range. One of the best models in the war on Borj is Rick Flag, he has some great abilities to counter the pesky weed. First off, leadership, this will allow you to reroll the dice when taking willpower rolls to see if your models are going to be hypnotized, secondly order, this allows you to reallocate two counters on a friendly model he can see, meaning if you have alpha and don’t want him being mind controlled and then shooting up your own models simply stack in defense and then when you know it’s safe to activate him you use flag to reassign those counters into attack and blast away (Borj will usually activate as soon as possible to maximize his damage). Thirdly and importantly is multifire on his MG, 5 shots into Borj two turns in a row combined with Alpha doing the same should nearly drop him, and that’s not taking into account all the quick response team with their reach weapons beating Borj up too (I mention reach because it means you have 3cm less to get to Borj which with his difficult terrain is effectively 6cm). I’ll finally mention Batwoman again, she forms a nice bridge between the law and batman crew methods, she can deploy on a roof, throw baterangs at borj turn 1, then batclaw straight into Borj, ignoring all the difficult terrain and punch him directly whilst supported by anyone you can get in there to achieve an outnumber bonus.


I personally think that (riddler not withstanding) Batman crews have some of the best Borj counters around, but it’s very much tied up in your deployment. Deploy everything as off the ground as possible as far away from one another as possible with your leader/free agents central and your foot troops (cops etc.) out to the sides where borj deploying there would be useless to the Ivy player. Rooftops are your friend, deploy up high with batclaw/fly/acrobats where you could jump down to attack Borj again, like Batwoman, ignoring the difficult terrain. Anything with rerolls is great, the new AK Nightwing is the perfect model to attack Borj, 6 attacks, rerolls to hit and mechanical, high willpower with a reroll if he’s your leader to prevent hypnotize. Batfleck falls into the same category but even cyborg with his handy guns makes good work of him if you fly around staying out of range of him. Green arrow as a sidekick with rerolls to hit and the ability to stun Borj with a hit is invaluable for taking him out of commission for a turn or even just preventing him blocking. Alternatively as the crew is so maneuverable just ignore Borj for the first part pf the game, make him waste his titan dose and just run towards the enemy, as Borj can’t follow you. He will of course redeploy with his strategy (which is what I would recommend cancelling if you take batgirl with her new exhaustive planner upgrade), and then you can deal with him later (best bet is trying to sit on top of his alternate seed marker with a first activation turn 2, if not use the same tactics as before but this way you have more options as you know exactly where he will be and can position accordingly.

Anyway that was as long winded as everything I write so I hope it helped some of you, happy gaming and enjoy the weed killing.”

Thanks Liam. And so it’s now my turn, as I look at my most used crew, The Riddler:

I think of everyone, I may have the easiest job of all with Borj, so this should be short and sweet. The main unit of the Riddler crew is the Bots. Usually, at least half of models in my crews are Bots, and they all come with not only the immunity to Hypnotize, but also immunity to Poison. This means that the two biggest party tricks of Borj are almost useless again half of the crew. In addition, Riddler’s Willpower 8 and reroll to Willpower tests as a leader makes him highly likely to shrug off any Hypnotize attempts. This leaves only whoever else you take as targets for Borj. This means you have less models that you need to spread out and try to keep safe in the initial exchange. Once you weather the storm, the question then becomes do you kill, or do you run?

I think the answer to that depends on which version of the Riddler you are running. The Arkham Knight version of the Riddler wants to run. Your Bots are there to place clues all over the board, and to that end the best idea is to ignore Borj. Other than his initial attack, he can then have next to no influence on the rest of the game. Normally, he can use his one redeploy to shift into your objective zone and deny you scoring, but with Clue Markers you have no objective zone, and when he does move, you can just avoid him. As Kris discussed in the previous article, your opponent has put a lot of rep and funding into this model, that now has no ability to affect your game. On the other side, if you are running Modern Age Riddler, you have the brutal Fighter upgrade on your bots, and are more than able to take on Borj. With 3 attacks each, at Strength 3+ dealing Blood, Stun damage, even with a high defence you can get some damage through. Add in the Riddler’s Inspire for extra attack, and you can take him out fairly quickly.

The other thing the Riddler crew does well is Defence reduction. Between Confusion on both Riddlers, as well as access to Distract (Quiz 3 & Enigma Data-packs for example), you are able to bring down Borj’s defence. Reducing him to defence 3 will allow you to hit a lot easier and therefore take him down quicker.


So now we’ve looked a 4 crews in specifics, you can hopefully see how to relate these tactics to your own crews.

The biggest thing these articles have revealed, is that there are ways around Borj. And those ways around are not about adding in things to your crews that will hamper you in conventional battles, as all the best things for taking him on are things that should already be in your crews. Characters that lower defence are useful in any situation, and you should always have ways of dealing with high defence tough characters.

Thank you all for taking time to read these articles, and I hope that these have given you some insight into facing the new Ivy menace.

Until next time, keep your weed killer handy!


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