WH40K – Getting back into the Grim Dark

Hello again gaming fans!!

Before we get into the bulk of today’s blog, let me take you on a little trip down memory lane….. (cue flashback music)

We begin our tale many many years ago (far more than I care to admit to), with a small child going to visit a friend, where he first discovers small figures made of plastic and metal, that his friend tells him are called Space Marines. He then goes on to explain that they are part of a game, splits the models he has into two groups, and runs our hero through a demo. And so the love of wargaming began!

For many years, Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 was the only game I played, in fact, up until a few short years ago I wasn’t even aware that companies outside of GW even made miniature games! Then I discovered Batman amongst other systems and branched out.

Then, a couple of years ago, with my hobby room overflowing with toys of all shapes and sizes, I took the decision to cut back on the number of games I was playing, and one of those systems that took the drop was 40K, which included a very large number of models for many armies. And that, I thought, was it with the Grim Dark of the Far Future……


Fast forward to the release of 8th Edition, and I saw all the fuss being created, but I could resist. I couldn’t deny though the following it was building up locally. Then one evening everything changed. I found myself in one of my local gaming stores, but bereft of an opponent it looked like it may be an early night for me. Up stepped the store manager Matt, who invited me to pass the time with a demo of the new edition, which I accepted. One short game later, and I had rediscovered the joy that had drawn me in as a small child.

So which army to pick……so many choices to pick from, but in the end I decided to go back to where it all began. To oppose my friends Space Marines all those years ago I decided to collect their arch-nemesis, the forces of Chaos, and so that’s what I would be collecting for this new edition.

But that is not where this tale ends….as a couple of weeks down the line and I’m told about a big event going on towards the end of the year, and there was a group from the area going. So now here I am, about to get back into the game from scratch, on a countdown for my first 40K Tournament ever and the biggest gaming Tournament of my life!!

So let’s kick off with some early practise. Using models I still had in my collection I was able to throw together some early lists to get back into the swing. After a few games of being smashed around by Liam and his Eldar (he jumped into the game at the same time I did), I decided to get some games in against other people and forces, and so faced off against Dean and his Thousand Sons army with my World Eaters.

My entire 2000pts consisted of three Wrath Of Khorne Bloodthirsters, and three Rhinos full of Khorne Berzerkers led by a Chaos Lord and Dark Apostle.

Facing me was Magnus The Red, Ahriman and a host of Thousand Son nasties.

And so I discovered the big weakness of my force, no resistance to Psychic, especially when Dean’s force was able to put out huge amounts of it. Coupled to the fact that their leader is one of the few models in the game that can smash around my Bloodthirsters made for a very difficult match for me.

Next step is to try a more balanced approach. While running three Bloodthirsters is really good fun, it is a little bit too much eggs in one basket with so many mortal wounds around!

Tune in next time, to see how I am getting on with my army evolution


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