BMG – Seeing out the year in style

Hello again Batfans! We find ourselves in the merry month of December, a time of Carols, Presents, Celebrations and of course my final Batman Tournament of the year. This tournament was not only the last of the year, but our first run under the new 2nd Edition rules, and the final round of the Nothing But 1’s Batman Championship 2017. Our very first year with the championship had gone really well, with plenty of turn out over the course of the season. Going into the final round the top 2 places were pretty much settled, as Liam had put in an incredible 100% victory record of the tournaments he entered, and Andy had be consistently racking up points. However the race for third was extremely tight, and of those attending Martin, David and Greg were separated by just 4 points. The battle was on!

We had an incredible turnout, with a massive 18 players, making this the biggest tournament I had ever run, even eclipsing the London event a few months back. Of the 18 players present, we had 7 Brave & Bold crews, proving the the good guys are the chosen flavour at present. The rest of the field consisted of two League of Assassins, Militia, Mr Freeze, Bane, Grodd, two Jokers, Riddler, Gotham City Sirens and even a Birds of Prey team!!

The biggest talking point in the run up to the event was the release of the magic rules. On paper this new addition to the ruleset looked to be incredibly powerful, even to the point of potentially breaking the game. However, with the models only arriving in stores in the week leading up to the event, there was no time for the theory to be tested before game day. This led to many concerns from lots of people that it was going to be a magic fest, and only time would tell.

In the end, just 3 crews turned up with any magic users. Two crews ran Constantine and Zatanna together, with the third running just Constantine. This surprised me somewhat, as Jason Blood gave a huge scoring potential with his immunity bubble trick, and Enchantress providing huge power to evil forces with her combination of dangerous magic and Mind Control, but neither were present on the day.

The day went really well, with the 18 players going 3 rounds to determine the final winner of the year. The scenarios for the day were Looting, Two Fronts and Asphalt Jungle.

Over the course of the day one thing was very clear, the concerns surrounding magic were entirely justified. In the first and second round the two crews with Constantine and Zatanna finished their games in a little over an hour of the two hour limit, having seen their games end on turns 4 and 5 by tabling their opponents. The crew running just Constantine was looking to have similar luck, until he faced the double magic in round 2, and with less magic and the worlds worst luck in dice rolls found him with a loss. These results meant that the top table would be a double magic face off, as Liam took on Martin to decide the win!

What followed was something I had never seen before in the usually relaxed setting of Batman. A hush descended over the top table, and the tension became palpable. Both players knew that with the power of magic, one wrong move could mean the end of the game. In the end, the score was incredibly tight, with Liam edging a win 47-42 to take the overall win for the day.

Once all the results across the 9 tables were tallied, things were much tighter than originally expected. Because they had destroyed their opponents quickly during their early rounds, both of the magic heavy crews had scored relatively low. This meant in the end, Liam edged the overall win of the event by just 10VP, as Charlie and his Brave and Bold crew took 3 wins and ran him close. Meanwhile Martin’s strong run saw him secure the third spot.

On the final standings, the top 4 places were taken up by Brave and Bold crews, proving the suspected strength of the amalgamated good forces.

But above all else, the talking point was magic, before the tournament, during the tournament and after the tournament. It was obvious right from the off that it is currently far too strong for the balance of the game, and needs a serious nerf. Whether because of the discussions following the tournament or not, Knight Models released an update the following day, changing the way the magic works in an attempt to help bring it more in line. However, from what I have seen so far of the mechanic, it is nowhere near enough. Only time will tell if they are willing to do more to get it on track.

But onto a happier note. The end of the Tournament drew to a close the very first year of our Nothing But 1s Batman Championship. In the end, with an impressive 200 points, Liam took the overall win, and with it a fancy trophy and a limited edition Batmite model. Following on 140 was Andy, and third went to Martin with 117.

In total, over the 6 scoring rounds this year, we had 38 different players take part. This includes many players who came to their first tournaments, which gives me incredible excitement and hope for the future, as this game continues to grow.

I look forward to the New Year, which will bring about a new round of the Championship, bigger and better than this years, with a whole plethora with Tournaments ahead! And hopefully this will include bringing on board more clubs with their tournaments, allowing more crossover and more opportunities for gamers.

Until next time Batfans! And if we don’t speak before, I hope you all have a Model filled Christmas, and a Gaming New Year!


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